Movie Review: The Last Witch Hunter

On the surface, this movie looked promising. I loved Vin Diesel in Riddick and Triple X. It looked like it might be dark fantasy along the lines of The Brothers Grimm (2005) or Van Helsing (2004). So, I finally took the time to watch it.

I am sorry to say, I am sadly disappointed. The casting for the main characters of this movie is atrocious and it ruined any suspension of disbelief there could have been.

First off, Vin Diesel does not make a good fantasy actor. His personality just doesn’t cut it. To be good in a fantasy role, you have to have dramatic range. There are so many good fantasy actors they could have pulled for this. I would be inclined to cast Travis Fimmel from Vikings. Fimmel can pull off a quiet ruthlessness, which is what I would expect from someone who a trained warrior who has lived centuries. Even though Vin pulled off dangerous in Riddick, there wasn’t a whole lot of acting he had to do in that movie. He just had to be grouchy.

Secondly, Michael Cane and Elija Wood as priests. Just nope. I’m not sure what kind of priest the director was going for, but it was done poorly. There is more to being a priest than dressing like one. Elija at least tried.

Rose Leslie and some of the bit actors were great. Leslie was the star of this movie. (I loved her in Game of Thrones.)

The movie could have been saved or at least not sucked, if there had been chemistry between the characters. There was none. It was like the casting director just selected a random list of big names and shoehorned them into position with little regard to whether they worked well together.

The special effects were pretty good. I loved the firey swords. I want one.

The makeup could have been better. The hair and beard on Vin didn’t look natural at all.

The writing could have been better as well. Dark magic is worse than evil? Really?

Overall, a movie worth skipping. Such a shame too. It could have been good.



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