Review: A Pius Man by Declan Finn

I admit, I’ve had this book on my Kindle since 2014 and didn’t get very far into it when I was trying to read it in bits and pieces. Too many characters with too much information to remember for the few memory cells I have left. It has nothing to do with the author’s writing ability. There are just certain types of books that are hard for me to read.

Since that time, Declan came out with Pius Holidays, Pius Origins and Pius Tales. Short stories featuring the characters of the Pius Trilogy. I highly recommend reading Pius Tales BEFORE starting on the Pius Trilogy, especially if you have difficulty keeping a large cast straight. These short stories help make the individual characters memorable.

A Pius Man is an exciting and interesting read. There is a lot of history and action and a bit of romance. All around great book. Just don’t try to read it before bedtime or you’ll be up half the night.

A Pius Man by Declan Finn
Published by: Createspace
Kindle and paperback

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The Story

Researchers looking into Pope Pius XII’s activities during WWII are turning up dead. Giovanni Figlia, head of Vatican Security, joins forces with Sean Ryan and a whole cast of other interesting characters to figure out doesn’t want researchers digging into the past and why.

My Favorite Parts

The action, which makes up a good part of the book. I especially liked when Sean Ryan is thrown off a building and when an RPG hits Fr. William’s car.

The flirting between Scott and Manana. It’s cute.

The history. This book is FULL of history and even though there are long sections with historical information, it is interesting and doesn’t read like an info dump.

The Great

The action scenes are well written with great details, although a bit long.

While there are a great number of characters, they are distinct and well developed.

The history appears to be well researched. (I trust it is considering Declan’s background. My BS meter didn’t go off like with Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons novel.)

The Not So Great

This is really my only criticism of the book. There is a partial scene and a full scene between Scott and Manana later in the book where they get handsy. Their cute flirting turned…I’m not even sure what word to use…but, I am not a fan.

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