WTF Puppies?

So, I was perusing the compiled list of nominations for Sad Puppies. With a few exceptions, it will make a good reading list. Assuming that I ever get around to catching up with my current list of books to read.

During the nomination process, I’ve really only been watching the Best Novel category. Mainly for suggestions of works to nominate. I didn’t get around to reading any of the books nominated, so my nomination for Best Novel is limited to the one book I have read.

There are a few other categories that I will reasonably have time to review prior to the March 31st deadline, such as professional artist, fan artist and fanzine. Several of the nominations are familiar to me already. The rest of the categories will have to wait until next year. (Next year I will be better prepared…maybe.)

Most of the nominations looked like good solid Puppy picks. So, imagine my shock when I saw File770 made it on the list…more than once. WTF? File770? Seriously?

Who in their right mind would nominate that playground of morons for anything? Hell, even if I chose to vote for the worst writing to be tagged with a Hugo, I wouldn’t vote for File770.

For an example of the stupid that comes from that site,  way back in September I decided to side with the Puppies. Mainly because, well, the puppy kicker’s holier-than-thou attitude pissed me off. I wrote a post that in short said they could stuff it. As a result, I had cockroaches from File770 swarming my site for a good month or more. One rather boring troll got a taste of my tolerance for trolls.

Those that voiced a difference of opinion, but were polite, were allowed their say. They still didn’t seem to understand the simple concept that anyone, regardless of fan status, can pay for the privilege of voting in the Hugo’s. There is no special handshake or codeword or special snowflake status required. Just money. But, okay.

I did get a huge kick out of reading all the crazy shit written about me in the comments. (psst…morons…it’s not a private forum. People can see what you write. And laugh at you.) I knew it was going to be good when they couldn’t even be bothered to spell my name correctly.

Apparently, my treatment of trolls scared a few. Poor special snowflakes were too frightened to comment on my blog lest they be…I don’t know what exactly. Tortured? Maimed? Had their feelings hurt when I disagreed with them?

The best part, though, was their opinion of my “over sexualized murder revenge porn” that I wrote for Declan Finn‘s blog back in July. That was awesome! It was quickly apparent that they hadn’t actually read what I wrote or if they had, they didn’t understand it. I mean, seriously, how the hell did they come up with murder in what I wrote? Even the flattened mess on the pavement that was (fictional) Scalzi only got a tongue piercing. (Special snowflakes, please note: The real John Scalzi was not hurt in the making of that blog post. He is alive and being his usual asshat self. The fictional Scalzi, on the other hand, is being tortured with Sad Puppy recommended fiction somewhere in the back room of an undisclosed location.)

Okay…I admit to the over-sexualized part. I was writing about torturing the puppy kickers by overrunning the place with romance readers after all. Have you read trade romances lately? They are filled with sex. Because it sells.

I also don’t get how they come up with “revenge”. Revenge for what, exactly? I’m pretty sure none of the real people, who were fictionalized for the purposes of the story, have the first clue who I am nor do they care. If they had done anything that prompted revenge, I could come up with something far more damaging than a fictional story on a little-known blog.

Hmmm…this year a new Outlander novel comes out. Those fans are rabid and, if asked, I imagine they would be more than happy to dish out a few dollars to see it get a Hugo. Ah…the mayhem that would cause would be entertaining.

But, I digress…

It seems that I am not the only one not exactly thrilled with a few of the names on the list. Some of the puppy kickers who were nominated by their fans aren’t happy either. In fact, they are demanding to be removed. God forbid, they be associated with the unworthy. It might give them cooties or something. One moron even commented that Kate Paulk could be sued for not removing people from the list who request to be removed. No moron. She can’t. Adding someone to a list is not grounds for a lawsuit of any kind. Go back to kindergarten and leave the thinking to adults.

In less than two weeks nominations close and then the fun of voting begins. I’m sure it irritates the hell out of some of the puppy kickers that I, part of the unwashed masses who leisurely reads Science Fiction/Fantasy for fun, will be allowed to tarnish “their” illustrious nomination and voting process by having an unworthy opinion. Well to them, I say…suck it. And see you at MidAmeriConII in August.

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