Don’t Miss Posts On Facebook

Update: Facebook made some recent changes that make it even more difficult to see posts and comments. These still work for the most part.

This post is for a certain someone who complains that they miss posts in their feed, but never seems to listen to me when I tell them how to fix that.

Facebook is a pain in that it doesn’t show you every post from your friends or pages you follow. The main feed, which is what you see when you first log on, is controlled by Facebook’s mysterious and totally confusing algorithm.

Overriding the Algorithm

There are a few ways you can get around the stupid algorithm. First is the See First setting. If you hover over Following on personal accounts or Like on pages, a box will appear. In that box are three options you need to know about.

  1. See First – This puts posts by the person at the top of your feed. These posts won’t get lost among the myriad of other posts. Use sparingly.
  2. Default – The posts show up according to the algorithm. You may or may not see them. Use for most profiles/pages that you want to see in your main feed.
  3. Unfollow – Removes most posts from your feed. Use liberally for people/pages you want to connect with, but whose posts will just clutter your feed.

SeeFirst       LikedPage

Creating multiple feeds.

The List feature of Facebook allows you to group people together however you want. I have a list titled Authors where I group all of my friends who are authors so that when I click on the list, I see only posts by people in the Authors list. To put people into lists, hover over Friends and click on Close Friends, Acquaintances or Add to another list. Add to another list will bring up a page that allows you to create custom lists or choose from lists you’ve already created.


  1. Close Friends – My favorite people go into this category. These are the handful of friends I don’t want to miss a single post from. They are also the ones who are set to “See First”.
  2. Custom Categories – Create and divide your friends into whatever categories you would like.
  3. Acquaintances – Put people you have only a remote association with or that crazy aunt you just don’t want to deal with. Posts by Acquaintances are automatically removed from your feed.



Once you have your friends categorized into lists, you can add the lists to your Favorites. Click on your list to view the custom feed. Also add pages and groups to your favorites so that you don’t miss anything from them either.


Use notifications sparingly. They can get annoying very quickly. My notifications are set for my important groups, for comments/replies and for my Close Friends. That is it. The other changes eliminate the need to be notified of posts I by others.

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