Kissed by Kimberly Loth

Kissed by Kimberly Loth
Book 1 of the Thorn Chronicles (4 book series)

I picked this book up during a Kindle promotion. On a whim one day I pulled it up on my computer to take a peek at it. I was pleasantly surprised. The book was engaging and turns out, exactly the type of story I had been searching for. This book is pure escapism.  It’s fun, it’s light and it lets you escape from reality for a little while. There is somewhat of a liberal bias to the book, but not so much that it distracts from the story. Enjoy.

The Story

Naomi is trapped in a horrible family of white supremacist radical fundamentalist types and at 16, being forced to marry a loathsome jerk. Naomi’s roses are the only bright spots in her miserable life, until mysterious things begin to happen and she meets a boy named Kai. After her parents are put in jail for murder, she discovers a new life in Las Vegas with an aunt that she didn’t know about. She discovers that there is a secret world of Guardians and Destroyer pitted in a battle of good vs. evil. With the help of Alejandro and Puck, she learns where she fits into that world.

My Favorite Parts

When Kai first shows up. Naomi is distraught over being forced to marry Dwayne and starts to destroy her roses. She falls into a dream-like state, where she receives her first kiss.

The fun light-hearted moments in the story, such as when Naomi’s hair turned green or the times Naomi spent with the roses.

The reveal of the Master Destroyer. It was completely unexpected. I was sure I knew who it was, but turns out I was wrong.

The Great

I love how the author uses the roses in the book. They aren’t just a passion of Naomi’s, they symbolize different people in her life, and are almost a character in their own right.

The storyline is simple and clean. It’s light, it’s fun and it lets you escape from the stress of reality for a little while.

This is probably my favorite thing about this book. Naomi doesn’t suddenly become a confident, self-reliant “conquer the world” type person when she learns about the Guardians and Destroyers, she carries the baggage from before with her. This baggage is thrown in throughout the story, which sometimes creates obstacles she has to overcome.

The Not-So-Great

Some of the characters are a little too cliched, others a bit superficial.

I have a hard time accepting that the Guardians are all boys/males and they kiss to recharge their energy. Seriously? Sounds exactly like something that teen boys would use as an excuse just to sucker girls into kissing them.

The very short unnecessary plug for Planned Parenthood. First off, stating the abortion clinic was Planned Parenthood was unnecessary and will date the book quickly as Planned Parenthood clinics continue to disappear. Stating that it was an abortion clinic would have been sufficient. Secondly, FBI agents would have stuck to facts, not stated that the victims were there to explore all of their options. Thirdly, Arkansas has a parental consent law in place. Either a parent (who is still the legal guardian until rights are terminated) or the Court would have to okay an abortion. Foster parents are nothing more than glorified babysitters. They have no authority to make such decisions on behalf of a child in their care. Considering the length of time in foster care, and relevant legal obstacles, the off-screen scene would be highly improbable. (If any place is going to be a haven for Destroyers, it would be Planned Parenthood.)

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