Review: It Was Only On Stun by Declan Finn

It Was Only On Stun by Declan Finn

Just Wow! There is so much history, geek reference and action packed into It Was Only On Stun by Declan Finn that it will make your head spin. But, don’t let that scare you away from reading it. If you’re like me and don’t understand some of the geek references, most of them are spelled out or can be skipped over without consequence. (Sorry Declan, it’s true.) There is enough geek stuff in this book that regardless of how little you know, you will find something in this book that you’ll relate too.

There are also quite a few characters to keep track of, but really, if you can keep track of about 4 or 5 characters you’ll still understand the story.

Quick overview of characters:

Sean A. P. Ryan (Inna)- Security expert running security for C-Con and guarding Mira Nikolic. Causes lots of property damage.

Works for Sean: Edward (he knits) and Athena

Mira Nikolic – Actress who has a number of people trying to killer her for various reasons.

Luan Mulliqi – Incompetent terrorist.

Galadren – Crazy dude who thinks he’s an elf.

Eielson – Asshole I’d like to stab with a rusty spoon.

Matthew Kovach (Moira) – writer

Really, they are not that hard to keep track of in this story.

It Was Only On Stun is extremely fast paced, exciting and sometimes fall down funny. Very much worth the read.

If you’ve read Pius Tales, you’ll recognize the some of the characters as well as the opening scene of this book. I would highly recommend reading Pius Tales before reading this, just to get a feel for the character of Sean A. P. Ryan.

P.S. Hopefully, sometime this year, the sequel will be coming out. I’ll post more details when I can torture them out of author.

The Story

Sean A. P. Ryan and Associates is in charge of security for C-Con as well as protection for Mira who has terrorists and Middle Earths Most Wanted Elven Assassin after her. There is so much chaos with a million different fandoms running around C-Con. Things get serious when people get poisoned and dead bodies start showing up. Sean has to try to control the chaos of C-Con and protect Mira from becoming one of the dead bodies.

My Favorite Parts

OMG! The big tough ex-Special Forces type guy knits. It’s hilarious. In Chapter 3 he’s knitting a baby blanket of all things.

There is an old guy with Alzheimers and a Winchester rifle who kicks ass.

The insults between Eielson and Sean. That was awesome.

The Great

The story is interesting and if you ignore the fine details, easy to follow.

The characters are fun and likable (except Moira. I wasn’t very fond of her).

The crazy elf guy adds a whole other level of strange to this story. It would be just another thriller without him to liven things up a bit.

The Not So Great

Reading this book is like getting a workout. There is so much going on that you feel like you’re running a marathon.

So so many geek references to various fandoms and history and theology that it’ll make your head spin if you try to figure them all out.


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