Of Pain & Sorrow

Sometimes only fiction can express what you’re feeling. I started this scrap of a scene awhile ago for a future book, but thought it fitting for today.


“I hate you!” My voice echoed off the walls of my office.

Darrion stood on the other side of my desk looking as handsome as ever with his dark hair and blue eyes. He wore his Terelian Dragonhide duster and hat that glowed in the dim light.

My heart ached. He had been my world. I thought the planets revolved around him for a time. I thought that we would be together forever.

“No, you don’t, Sweetheart.” His voice was warm and entirely too calm.

“STOP CALLING ME THAT!” The closest object that I could pick up went sailing towards Darrion’s head. He easily stepped out of the way, letting my favorite vase shatter against the wall.

“I’m sorry.” The sorrow in his voice tugged at my heart. But, the pain was too raw. It hurt too much to be swayed by his remorse.

Tears stung my eyes threatening to send me sobbing as I had done for the past two days.. I was such an idiot to trust him. “You left me.” My voice was barely a whisper.

“I didn’t have a choice, Lillyanne.”

“Do you know what they were going to do to me? They were going to experimented on me. Try to find out if they could duplicate my gift by cutting me open. If it hadn’t been for the IGP I’d still be there.” I sunk down into my desk chair. “You can get the hell out and never come here again.” My heart ached. It killed me to tell him to leave.

I heard his boots on the floor as he left.

When the door close, I let the tears flow. Sobs racked my body as I cried. I hurt so bad inside that I wanted to lay down and die. I had given that man my very soul. Something I hadn’t given to anyone and he crushed it.

Jake laid his head on my leg. The mastiff looked at me with sorrowful eyes. I bent forward and wrapped my arms around the mammoth dog. “I want him back.”

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