Review: The List by Steve Martini

The List is one of my Strand purchases. (If you get a chance to ever go to the Strand, go. You won’t be disappointed. The place is amazing.) I was completely lost during the prologue, partially because I don’t understand ship terminology. You may be shocked to learn this, but Iowa doesn’t have any ocean going vessels. None. I know…I was shocked to find this out too. So, me and Google spent some time together so I could grasp what was going on. Once I got past that minor bump the rest of the book was great.

The Story

Abigail is a writer with a plan to get her latest novel on the best sellers list. With the help of a fellow lawyer and her best friend, she hires an actor to pretend to be the author, Gable Cooper. Jack, is handsome and charming, and dangerous. She secures an agent and sells the book for several million dollars. All seems to be going her way until people around her start dying. Everyone seems to want a piece of her as she tries not to get caught in her web of deceit before the book is published. She doesn’t know who she can trust and worst of all, there might be someone out there trying to kill her.

My favorite moments in the book

When Jack shows up in place of his brother and Abby is completely flustered, because she’s caught in her own web.

The “sex” scene at the end of Chapter 22. It’s one of those scenes that has just enough detail that the reader gets what’s going on, but leaves much to the imagination.

The human torch scene. That was just plain awesome.

The Great
  • I love Jack. He is an interesting character that you’re not quite sure if you should take at face value or not.
  • This story has a lot of action and it really keeps you guessing until the end who the bad guy is.
  • It’s interesting as a writer to read about characters who are writers.
The Not So Great
  • It head jumps and I found myself sometimes having to stop to figure out who’s head I’m supposed to be in.
  • It doesn’t give any clues as to who the bad guy is. I mean none. You can’t go back and go “Oh hey, I missed that clue” because there aren’t any.

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