Reflections of 2015 and Goals for 2016

2015 was an interesting year. I went from working my butt off and burning myself out to falling in love and learning to relax. Okay, I’m still working on the relaxing part. I like working a bit too much.

I am totally not ready for 2016 to be here yet. I’m still haven’t finished all of my 2015 to-do list yet. Yikes!

Highlights from 2015:

Completed working covers for my Underground Trilogy.

In June I wrote a Sad Puppies satire peice that got a bit of attention over at Declan Finn’s blog.

September and October were very eventful months this year. After months of burnning candles at both ends and sometimes in the middle, I took September off. I ignored my to-do list and everyone wanting something from me and tried to relax and have fun. There was a lot of mindless TV watching the first week or so. I spent time just having fun.  Then an unexpected thing happened and I found myself spending lots of time with another person. It was nice.

I wrote another Sad Puppies post, this time for my own blog, that brought in a ton of traffic, which I wasn’t expecting. I wrote one other Sad Puppies post earlier in the year and it didn’t get much traffic at all. Go figure.  This post was found by File770 in October and it received a ton more traffic and it’s first troll. I love trolls. They are fun to torture.

At the end of October, I made my first ever trip to New York City. It was amazing. You can read about it here, here, here, here and here.

I also placed runner-up for my short story, The Children of Whitechapel, in the Halloween short story contest at Liberty Island Mag.

The rest of the year was spent trying to keep up my blog on a semi-regular basis, reading, editing and lots and lots of working. Except the three weeks when I didn’t have a car. That just sucked.

Oh, and I lost about 20 lbs since November.

Goals for 2016

I don’t feel much like setting goals right now. Instead, I want to curl up with a good book and disappear from this world. At least for a little while. I’ll come back to reality sometime next year. Then, I’ll worry about goals.

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