Pre – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Prep, Part 2

Episode V is next on the list. It is amazing the improvements that can be made in 3 short years. The quality is so much better than A New Hope and the acting on Hamill’s part has improved. Although I was still rooting for him to get eaten at the beginning.

The music was excellent in this movie. It did a much better job of supporting the scenes.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

In this sequel, after an attack by Imperial Forces Han and Leia get separated from Luke. Luke travels to find Yoda on orders by Obi Wan to train as a Jedi. In the meantime, Han and Leia are caught in a trap set by Darth Vader meant to lure Luke into the open and turn him to the dark side. Again, they have to figure out how to escape Vader’s grasp.

web1_abominable-snowman_0In the opening, rebel forces are stationed on a planet of ice and snow. And OMG! It’s the abominable snowman…in Star Wars. Only he’s not as nice as he was in Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.

The Imperial Walkers brought to mind Hannibal and his elephants crossing the alps to surprise the Romans.  Considering the Rebels were shooting at transport vehicles, I’m not sure how they missed these huge machines being set down. But, they did and an awesome fight ensued.

Han Solo and Princess Leia spends quite a bit of time arguing over whether or not she likes him. Finally, she gives it up and gets to kiss Hans, making women everywhere jealous. Of course I busted a gut when C3PO interrupts them completely oblivious to them kissing.

Fast forward to the swamp where Yoda lives. In the prequel movies, Yoda is pretty laid back. I had no idea how much of a trouble maker he is. I love it.

The fight between Luke and Vader is pretty cool, until Luke jumps. I was holding my breath watching that scene.

Overall, better than the first.

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