Pre – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Prep, Part 1

It has been suggested that I watch the original three movies, which oddly are movies IV, V & VI, before going to see The Force Awakens, which I plan to do this weekend.

I recall having seen bits and pieces of the original Star Wars movies when I was younger, but frankly I was more of a Star Trek kinda girl and wasn’t much into Star Wars. I also apparently hadn’t discovered the greatness that is Harrison Ford yet.

When the prequel movies came out, I did go see them. I liked them for the most part, but the guy who later becomes Darth Vader seemed miscast. He came off as more as an over dramatic whiny drama queen than evil and dangerous.

And, I don’t care what anyone says…I liked Jar Jar. He was fun. Plus, I got the impression that he was added to make the movies appeal to a younger crowd.

Star Wars: A New Hope

For a 70’s movie, it’s quite good. The special effects aren’t too cheesy and the hair, clothing, ships and scenery don’t scream this was crap from the 70’s like so much of the crap from the 70’s. It actually seemed to have more of a WWII flavor to it.

I’m sure I’m the only person who has never seen these films, but just in case there is some poor soul out there that is like me, here is a brief rundown of the plot:

Princess Leia is captured by Imperial Forces and interrogated regarding the location of the rebel base. She records a message on R2 D2, who miraculously ends up on Tatooine where the young Luke Skywalker (aka Darth Vader’s son) just happens to be along with the intended recipient of the message. Obi Wan Kenobi and Luke set out to rescue Princess Leia with paid assistance from Han Solo.

Why I wasn’t interested in the movie before is beyond me. Especially considering Harrison Ford is in it. He pulls off the snide, sarcastic Han Solo perfectly. And in a movie that isn’t filled with pretty people, he stands out. (I confess, I would rather watch movies with strong plots and people who can act over movies with lots of pretty people.)

I wasn’t impressed with some of the acting.

Luke’s incessant whining drove me up the wall. I was wishing for someone to shoot him. When the monster in the garbage pit grabbed him, I thought I would get my wish of him being gone, but, alas, I didn’t get that lucky. If only it had eaten him. I’d rather listen to Jar Jar’s horrible attempt at English over listening to Luke whine. Considering he’s a main character, you would think that Lucas would have made him sympathetic. Instead, all I wanted was for him to go away.

Even though Luke and Leia are supposed to be twins, Leia comes off as far older and more mature than Luke. I would rather they be better matched up. Carrie Fisher comes off as the much better actor between the two.

I’m not a fan of the background music either. Separate from the movie, the music is fine. There are spots, like the scenes with Luke on Tatooine, where it could have been better.

And what the hell is up with the Storm Troopers? They are less like soldiers and more like bumbling idiots.

There were some things I did love.

The lightsabers. They make that awesome humming sound and they are mesmerizing in a fight (and Youtube videos).

Boeing XB-17 (Model 299) nose turret with gun. (U.S. Air Force photo)

The space battles. They reminded me of the dog fights of WWII. I especially liked the scene where Luke and Han were in the gun turrets.

And the Death Star being blown to shit was awesome!

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