Writing Sucks…Sometimes

I don’t know what it is about writing, but sometimes it just sucks. I’ve been working on rewrites of Path of Angels.

I love writing first drafts.

First drafts are like falling in love.

  • You want to spend all your time with your first draft.
  • You want to discover everything about the characters and the plot.
  • You hang on every bit of dialogue.
  • You overlook flaws.

Everything about the first draft is new and fresh and fun.

Rewriting and editing on the other hand SUCKS!

Everything about it sucks.

  • Nitpicking every word, scene and plot point to decide whether it stays or goes.
  • Fixing plot holes and continuity errors so your character isn’t fighting an intergalactic battle aboard a spaceship and then suddenly at the store buying toilet paper.
  • Adding description so that the characters aren’t two invisible beings in empty space.
  • Replacing dialogue that would make watching grass grow seem exciting with dialogue that is witty and intelligent.

Everything about rewrites and edits is frustrating and depressing.

Right now, I’d like to scrap the entire novel, just so I don’t have to do rewrites anymore. I don’t want to spend another minute looking over my manuscript and trying to decide whether my changes will make it better or worse.

I don’t want to spend hours and hours and hours fixing things to decide afterward that I need to go back and start all over.

I just want to chuck it all. But, I won’t, because the story is worth the time and frustration. (I hope.)

My Chapter 1 rewrites are with someone I trust to tell me if my changes work or if I’ve mucked it all up.

I’d cross my fingers until I hear back, but then it’d be hard to type, so I’ll keep working and pray.

Now, enough whining. Back to work.


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