Every Day Should Be Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. A day when multitudes of people get together with family, stuff themselves silly, and, in many cases, continue petty argument carried over from last year’s Thanksgiving. They opine about all of the people and things they’re thankful for. Except the kids. The kids are plotting their Christmas lists.

I haven’t done a Thanksgiving dinner in years, simply because my family is not large nor are we all on the same schedule. This year, I’ll be spending it catching up on work. I have book covers to design and writing to do. And there is the huge to-do list that I’ve been slowly, but surely, picking away at.

While I’d prefer to spend the holiday with friends or family, I don’t mind working. Some of the work is for friends and in a weird sort of way it is like spending time with them, even if we can’t be together in person. And, EVERYONE I know will be on Facebook at some point anyway. It’ll work out.

I’m not going to make a list of all the things I’m thankful for either because I think that every day should be a day of thanks. No matter how bad life sucks, there is at least one thing that everyone can find to be thankful for. It makes for a happier life to look for the bright spots.

So…Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m outta here until next week.

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