I’m Not Sure Why I Bother With Nanowrimo

Ugh. I was prepared to work on my novel, Path of Angels, this month and get it ready for publication as well as work on the other 2 books in the trilogy. Things haven’t worked out as planned. I have been doing some editing work and graphics work and tons of non-Nanowrimo stuff.

The first drafts of book 1 and 2 were partially written during previous year’s nanowrimos, but I’ve never finished a nano with even close to 50K words. I’m just not that fast.

On the bright side I have a plan for when I turn off my phone, disconnect the internet and pretend I’m not home so that I can get my novel finished. You can stop laughing now. I have turned off the internet before. Okay, so it was long enough to restart the modem, but still.

Next week is Thanksgiving. It will be just me and the dogs this year, which will give me four days to work. I plan to get the first pass through done and then go back and fix any issues. And then start polishing. I’ll be happy just to get the first book ready to go.

Then it’ll be off to beta readers, maybe. I might live dangerously and just send it off to publishers. There is a very limited number of publishers that print YA Catholic novels, so we’ll see.

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