Review: Pius Holidays

This is the second book Declan Finn is coming out with on November 16th. This book is a bit more intense than Pius Origins, but the humor lightens the seriousness of the situations. Awesome read if you like to see terrorists getting their butts kicked on all your favorite holidays.

The Story

Pius Holidays is an anthology of short stories starring the characters from the Pius Trilogy. There are eight stories along with a bit of commentary. Sean A.P. Ryan, a private security guy, stars in the majority of these explosive stories. But, you’ll also meet Fr. Frank Williams who is creative in his methods to stop a terrorist attack. And there is Scott Murphy, the young, pipe smoking, spy working to foil a terrorist plot in Israel.

  1. The Boys of the Old Brigade: A Twitter Tale is an account of Sean Ryan’s run in with Larry and Moe.
  2. In Erin Go Boom,  Fr. Frank Williams is thrown into an uncomfortable position of trying to stop a terrorist attack at St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York City.
  3. See Something…is a fascinating tale of two writers who are overheard discussing blowing up the statue of liberty and the uncovering of a real bomb threat.
  4. Let Freedom Ring has Scott Murphy on vacation in Boston for the 4th of July. He enacts revenge on the terrorists who try to ruin his vacation.
  5. God Hates…Superman? is another Sean Ryan security gig at a science fiction convention.
  6. In Deck the Maul, Sean Ryan and crew are hired as security for Black Friday at the Mall. Instead they stumble upon a heist involving…midgets?
  7. O Little Town of Bethmayhem is the story which involves both Sean Ryan and Scott Murphy as they work to prevent the Church of the Nativity from being blown up on Christmas Eve.
  8. Coyote Christmas is the misadventures of a security job that goes sideways for Sean Ryan in a gated community in California.
My favorite moments in the book

I have a fondness for Scott A.P. Ryan and his penchant explosions and property damage, especially at the end of Coyote Christmas.

The scene in the diner with Matthew Kovach, when he and his friend Jack are pointing out a few suspicious men and they are shocked that the police officer agrees with them.

The midget in the duffle bag. I laughed so hard at that.

The Great
  • The stories are full of action, explosions and bad guys getting their butts kicked.
  • Short enough that they can be read in one sitting and long enough to get a full story.
  • There this laugh out loud funnies lighten the serious nature of terrorist attacks.
The Not So Great
  • A coyote eats a small dog and Sean Ryan is happy about it. Unfortunately, you can’t slap characters.
  • I didn’t get God Hates…Superman! The point of the story was lost on me.

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