New York Trip: Part 3 – The Ocean & Great Neck

On Saturday I got to play in the ocean. The water was a bit cold, but I walked out into it anyway. It was awesome. I brought home a few of the rocks and shells laying about. There aren’t many pictures from this day. I left my camera in the car while I was playing in the ocean and tried to avoid looking like I was casing the area with the mansions.

This was the day we also spent some time with Declan’s friends in Great Neck. I had such a great time.

The Atlantic Ocean

I was the only crazy person at the beach walking into the water. Everyone else was standing on the beach or fishing. I collected a few rocks and shells that were laying on the beach. I didn’t get a picture, but there were a bunch of baby seagulls not far away. They were so cute. I wanted one, but couldn’t figure out how to get one into the car without it pooping everywhere. Maybe next time.

Great Neck

We drove through an area that had some awesome looking houses and some hideous ones too. I picked out a few that might be worth buying if I win the lottery. Although, even if I had the money, I might still suffer sticker shock.

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