Review: Pius Origins

On Monday, November 16th, Pius Origins will be coming out. It is an anthology starring the characters from the Pius Trilogy. This anthology has short stories, character interviews, emails, news reports and commentary by Declan Finn. This was a fascinating look into both the characters of the Pius Trilogy and the mind of Declan Finn.

It was a quick, fun read with great dialogue, easy to follow action and interesting plots. Oh, and there is lots of smartassery. If you like action and smartassery, you’ll love Pius Origins.

Reminder – it comes out on Monday, November 16th on Kindle. This is a Kindle only book. All of the stories in Pius Origins are included in Pius Tales, which will be available in both print and Kindle versions.

The Stories
  1. Tinker, Tailor, Goyim, Spy is the story of how Scott Murphy, a pipe smoking teenager, secured a position with Mossad.
  2. One Way to Stay Out of Jail tells a story of the private security consultant, Sean A.P. Ryan, and his hiring process and his penchant for destruction of property.
  3. Mile High Murder stars Matthew Kovach, a young college student, on a plane set to be hijacked by terrorists. (Spoiler – the terrorists lose)
  4. We Have a Pope! is a set of news clips surrounding the election of the first African pope, Pius XIII
  5. Swiss Family Mafia revolves around the Masciale family and their enforcer, Jon Koneig.
My favorite moments in the book

Scott Murphy smoking a pipe with no apologies in the offices of Mussad. Hard to believe he’s an accountant.

Matthew Kovach’s, “but I’m just a college student” moment. Priceless.

This short part from Swiss Family Mafia: ““Now, cara mia, we should get some sleep.”   I traced my fingers down her throat and across the rest of her body, only to discover she wore nothing beneath the sheets. “Eventually.” The part right before this section is about Jon needing to be up early. Now what woman wouldn’t want her husband to desire her so much he says to hell with what he should do? Um…none. (If they’re sane.)

The Great
  • I love the characters. They are interesting and fun and in some cases surprising.
  • The Character surveys were hilarious. They are positioned in the perfect spot, right after the story.
  • It is always fun to learn the motivation behind a story or a character. Declan Finn indulges readers with his commentary.
The Not So Great
  • Too short, but thankfully there is more to read in Pius Holidays and Pius Tales
  • The characters stray a bit too far from reality. Thankfully, this is fiction.

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