New York Trip: Part 2 – Library, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, 5th Ave & Time Square

Friday was a busy day filled with lots and lots of walking. We started out at the New York Public Library, went to Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and then made our way to Time Square. In between we checked out some of the way overpriced stores along 5th Ave. I did some shopping at the important stores – Godiva and Lindt – and peeked in Tiffany’s (there may have been some drooling involved) and a couple other places. Mostly, I just window shopped. I found a few things I liked, but for the most part, the clothes and accessories were hideous.

New York Public Library
5th Ave

I went a touch overboard with building pictures. In my defense, we don’t have buildings this tall in Sioux City. Or interesting things like outdoor ice rinks next to a fountain.

My favorite picture from the day: Declan eating an apple in front of the Apple store in the Big Apple.


St Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Pat’s is beautiful and huge. We strolled around the place taking pictures of just about everything. Well, everything except this one statute that was modern art and ugly. Then we attended Mass before heading across the street to Rockefeller Center.

Time Square

The tour ended at Time Square. The number of people there was crazy. I couldn’t imagine being there on New Years Eve when it’s packed. It was fun to visit, but I was glad to leave this part of the city.

Supper that night included my first taste of matzo ball soup. It was good.

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