More Pius Stories Are Coming November 16th

Declan Finn is coming out with 3 new books this month: Pius Holidays, Pius Origins and Pius Tales. These books are anthologies of short stories starring the characters from the Pius Trilogy. These stories are quick, fun reads that promise to be a blast in more ways than one.

The 3 books come out on Monday, November 16th on Pius Holidays and Pius Origins will be Kindle only books and Pius Tales will be available in both print and Kindle versions.

As previously mentioned, the covers for these three volumes were designed by me using GIMP. After some revisions, below are the final designs along with a bit about each book. Reviews and links will be forthcoming.

holidayWhen Declan Finn wrote his Pius Trilogy, he had a fondness for holidays. Now, the short stories he generated are collected here for the first time. Saint Patrick’s Day includes …

“Erin Go Boom” — featuring Father Frank Williams, terrorists are about to blow up the New York City parade, and only one man can stop them! A Catholic priest …. We’re doomed!

“Boys of the Old Brigade” — A Sean AP Ryan story by twitter, when the psychotic mercenary goes up again an “IRA group” by any means necessary, and beats them 140 characters at a time.

The Forth of July “See Something” — when terrorists conspire to wreak havoc in the new World Trade Center, it’s up to two civilians to stop them. Christmas stories!

“Oh Little Town of Bethmayhem” — the month before Christmas, terrorists plan to blow up the town of Bethlehem, and nobody can stop them. Nobody. Thankfully, there’s a nobody on call.

“Deck the Maul” — Sean A.P. Ryan is back, and he’s working mall security on Black Friday. Will the mall survive him?

And more!


Before the stars of The Pius Trilogy entered into a battle for their lives against overwhelming darkness, they were simply trying to make their way in the world.

Pope Pius XIII tried to make himself understood against a world that hated him. Sean A.P. Ryan simply wanted to make it through the day alive.

Scott “Mossad” Murphy wanted to kill every terrorist on the planet, using their own money to kill them. Jonathan Koneig was a simple bill collector … for the mafia.

And author Matthew Kovach wanted to be left alone, even though he attracted every psycho on the planet Earth.

talesIn the beginning, there was NOT “A Pius Man,” but a legion of stories behind it. There were spies, and terrorists and explosions aplenty.

None of the heroes had materialized from the ether. Now, see how Sean Ryan became the man of massive property damage.

See Scott “Mossad” Murphy’s entrance to Israeli Intelligence, and witness the creation of the Goyim Brigade. Watch terrorists attack New York, Boston and Bethlehem. And exploding Christmas trees.

Can’t forget those.

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