New York Trip: Part 4 – Books, Books & More Books

On Sunday, I went to Mass with Declan and his family, then on to the bookstore tour. We went to the Strand and to the flagship Barnes & Noble.

Sorry, no pictures of either Strand or Barnes & Noble. But, I did get some awesome shots of the skyline that day.

Books, Books & More Books

The Strand is a huge bookstore with four floors of both new & used books. Their claim to fame is that they have over 18 miles of books on their shelves. Their shelves are around 10-12 feet tall and there are step ladders randomly around the store.  We were in there for a couple hours. At Declan’s urging, I picked up a few books there. Yes, he led me into temptation and I indulged.

The flagship Barnes & Noble is five stories of awesome with escalators. Each floor was a different section. I stopped at Starbucks and tried a cold chai latte. It was yummy. I indulged a bit a book buying there too.

I knew I had picked up a few books, but I didn’t realize how many until I got home and was unpacking. Five of the books are hard copies of Declan’s books that I haven’t read yet. And I forgot to have him autograph them. Ah well…next time.

Supper that night was at an Italian restaurant. Under duress, I tried a small piece of calamari. It was like a chewy onion ring. It wasn’t horrible and if there was an apocalypse and it was the only food available, I would seriously think about eating it, but until then, I won’t be ordering any.

Declan’s “Catholic Geek” radio show. It was so much fun getting to watch Declan work. Unfortunately, his guest didn’t show up. Thanks to Stuart for calling in and giving him someone to talk to. I did my best to distract Declan and make him slip up while talking, but to no avail. Next time, I’ll have to try harder.

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