Yay! Nanowrimo Time

For the past few months (okay maybe a bit longer) Path of Angels has been stalled. Mainly because I knew there was something wrong with it. It is way under word count and it was kind of blah, but wasn’t sure how to fix it exactly. Finally, another writer pointed out the obvious, which I completely missed. It needs description and backstory.

One of the hardest things about writing is being able to see the work as a reader would. As the writer, I know what everything looks like. I know everyone’s backstory. I know the history of the places I’m writing about. However, if I don’t put them in the book, no one else will know that information. (Really, why can’t readers just learn to read minds? It would be so much simpler.)

I am now moving forward with Path of Angels and hope to have it filled in by the end of November. Instead of writing something new for Nanowrimo, I’m going to finish the two books I wrote in previous years, and start on the third. I may or may not reach 50K, but then I’ve never reached 50K any other years, so it’s not a big deal.

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