Going To New York City

So, this is happening. A week from today I am going to New York City. Yay!

0007153453845_215X215250x250I don’t do much traveling. I can’t even navigate the city I live in on a good day, so going someplace completely unfamiliar is not on my list of fun things to do. In fact, the thought of getting lost terrifies me. Thankfully, I will have a tour guide to make the trip less stressful. Or at least I hope so, anyway. He may need a leash to keep track of me. I have a tendency to wander off and he would fail miserably in his duties if I got run over or eaten by vampires.

But, one disaster at a time. I have to get past TSA and catching a connecting flight first. Then there are the suicidal hijackers and the plane going up in flames and crashing to the earth and me dying in a fiery explosion. With my luck, there will be snakes on the plane too. I’m not generally afraid of snakes, but TSA frowns on carrying katanas or really any sharp dangerous objects on the plane so I will have to put up with all of the people who are afraid of snakes screaming and carrying on. You know, I’ll be lucky if I safely make it there at all really.


In my research for my trip, I discovered that New York City has roughly 8 million people. That is just unreal. My hometown had less than 1000 people total, my current location has just under 80,000. I have feeling that going to New York City is going to be similar to going to Walmart on Black Friday.  Ugh. However, I get to see interesting sites that I’ve never seen and meet new people and eat food that isn’t deli chinese, McDonalds or microwaved. (That alone is worth the trip.) On my list of places to go are: The Cloisters, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park and the Atlantic. I’m sure I’ll see other places, but those are the ones I don’t want to miss.

The Cloisters – Thursday



I love art. All through high school I had planned to go into getting a career involving art. Things happened and it never panned out. However, my love of art hasn’t changed. I even still draw on occasion. This was the first place on my list of things to see. If I get to see nothing else of New York City, I’ll live.

The Cloisters is a replica of a medieval monastery that showcases medieval artwork, sculpture and architecture. The museum also has beautiful gardens that I hope will still be in bloom when I visit. I suspect the cold might have taken their toll by now. If there’s a library in there,  I may never want to leave.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Friday



I admit, I hadn’t heard of St. Patrick’s Cathedral until it was suggested to me as a place to visit. Turns out it happened to be the place Pope Francis was at while in New York. It’s also a beautiful example of gothic revival architecture.

Central Park – Sunday


I was always under the impression that Central Park was just a big park not unlike the parks that I’m used to with green space and playground equipment and a baseball field or two. Come to find out, it’s so much more than that. There is a castle…a CASTLE…and a zoo and who knows what else. It will be fun to explore and find out.

Atlantic Ocean – Monday


You all may be surprised by this, but Iowa doesn’t have any oceans near it. Yup, not a single one. So I’m not passing up the chance to dip my toes in the water regardless of how cold it is.

I will be posting pictures from my visit, so stay tuned.

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