Review: I Left My Brains In San Francisco

Wow. Audible has still not put up Karina’s book. Really? Get off your duffs Audible! Thankfully, Karina had a work around and I was able to listen to it pre-release. (I even postponed a hot date with a delicious guy in order to get this review up when I said I would.) I have not read or listened to Book 1 yet, so please ignore the fact I don’t know some of the background.

This book is hilarious. There are plenty of caricatured people and environmental activist groups (TREE terrorists) and wacky ideas (feeding dead people to the fishes). It’s a light fun book where the zombies are not at all scary. Unlike popular zombie fiction, like the Walking Dead and Zombieland, the world hasn’t ended, people are not trying to kill each other to save their own ass. Instead, zombies are more annoying pests like brown recluse spiders or neighbors than killing machines. Although, they are pretty gross.

The Story

Neeta Lyffe, famous zombie exterminator, goes on vacation and attends a zombie exterminator conference. TREE terrorists, both alive and zombie, are plaguing San Francisco. Neeta has to juggle interviews, zombie hordes and her relationship with Ted. The story is punctuated by brief chatroom comments, news reports, documentaries, traffic reports and…commercials.

My favorite moments in the book

The comments between the two Moms after the news report had me rolling.

The elevator scene where Ted finally kisses Neeta. They get interrupted by an old couple who instead of getting on the elevator, leaves them too it.

The scene where Ted tells Neeta about how she stopped everyone at the hospital to tell them that she loved him.

The Great
  • I love the characters.
  • The swords…I’ll take the Connor McCloud and the Duncan McCloud. (Can you throw in Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul with those? It’s for completely innocent reasons. Honest.)
  • I want the Nanofabric pants. That way when I lose or gain weight I don’t have to buy new pants.
  • The audio is fabulous. I love Becky’s range of voices and how she really brings the humor to life.
The Not So Great
  • The relationship between Neeta and Ted is so messed up. The lack of communication between those two is bizarre.
  • It took a bit for me to figure out if there was a plot at first. I did finally get it, but it’s very understated.

If you want a fun read about zombies that isn’t scary, this is the book you want to get. But, buy Book 1 too. In fact, while you wait on Audible to get Book 2 out, go listen to Book 1 – Neeta Lyffe: Zombie Exterminator or buy the ebooks at here and here.

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