In Contrast

I’ve spent the last week posting some of the pictures I took in New York City. Now, I’ll contrast them with ones from where I live.

Trinity Heights

This is the closest thing we have to the Cloisters. Trinity Heights is a Catholic religious site with artwork including 30+ foot tall statues of Mary and Jesus, a life-sized carved wood Last Supper, statutes of saints and beautiful gardens. It also has a small gift shop that carries a few books by Catholic Writers Guild authors.

Cathedral of the Epiphany

Our Cathedral is tiny compared to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Sioux City Public Library

The Sioux City Public Library could fit into a couple of rooms of the New York Public Library and there would likely still be space to fill.

Sioux City skyline

Our tallest building is 12 stories.


We only have bookstores: Barnes & Noble in the Southern Hills Mall and The Book People. I would take pictures, but it would just be too depressing. ┬áThe B&N is a single level store that keeps rearranging it’s shelves. I hate shopping in there because I can rarely find what I’m looking for. The Book People is a tiny independently owned bookstore that has an awesome collection of cookbooks and a slim selection of everything else. Trinity Heights is the only other place that I know of that has books, although their selection is limited almost entirely to Catholic nonfiction.


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