So Not Ready For Presidential Politics

This week I received the first of which I expect will be many many polling calls for the 2016 Presidential election year. I am so not ready for this.

It’s still more than a year away from the election and at this point, I just don’t care. I don’t care who the nominees are. I don’t care what they are for or what they are against. I don’t really want to answer political surveys. But, having been one of those poor abused people who make the calls (and get yelled at for being the 15th caller that day) I answer the surveys because I feel sorry for the person on the other end of the phone. And sometimes I just give random answers.

The one this week, I was told was only 3 short questions. It was, if by 3 they meant around 17. Had I heard of each of the Republican candidates? Of course I have. Any person paying the minimalist amount of attention to the news recognizes at least some of them. And if you don’t know that Trump, Clinton and Sanders are running, please return your voter registration card and back away from the ballot box because you’re just too clueless to vote. There was only one I didn’t recognize. Thank you Facebook.

I think I’m registered Republican at the moment. I’ve never been a single party person, but in Iowa to vote in the primary you have to pick a party. I’ve been registered as a few different parties over the years, including a very short time I was registered as a Green Party member to support someone I knew. I quit registering as “no party” because then the amount of crap you have to deal with doubles as both the Republicans and the Democrats try to pull you to their side. No thank you. One parties garbage is enough for me.

Because Iowa has this reputation as being important state in the election (God only knows why) we get slammed with calls. Last presidential election, I answered 13 surveys and the answering machine at work answered 2. The answering machine apparently planned on voting for Obama. The answering machine was not let off of work to go vote. Sorry O. Not like it would have mattered anyway, I live in a red area. We have some state level blues, but federally, we are solid red.

I am not ready for the endless commercials, the begging for money, the 6 million postcards and flyers coming in the mail. I’m not ready to choose a candidate yet. So far I haven’t been too impressed with the ones out there. I know which ones I don’t like and can guess which ones don’t have a chance in hell. The rest will just have to weed themselves out without my help.

So, between now and July or so of next year, I’m going to bury my nose in books and try to forget that there is a presidential election campaign going on. Having to deal with even a few months of this insanity is exhausting. More than a year’s worth is too much.

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