The Making of Saint Lucian’s Star Cover

I have been slowly learning GIMP in order to create some amazing artwork for book covers. My series of SF/Fantasy/Romance short stories call for stuff that just isn’t obtainable with photographs.

I started with torturing my model (aka my son, Andrew) by forcing him to pose out in public where people could see him. By total accident some of the pictures turned out fairly good. Even with my model scowling at me and not posing at all. I took some pictures with my phone and others with my digital camera.



I started with this picture. It was early spring before there was much green and none of the trees had leaves yet. I was worried that the background would be impossible to work with and thought I might have to wait until later in the season to get some decent green pictures.

I started by dividing the parts into layers to make them easier to work with. I added some green to the background and gave it an otherworldly appearance with a star screen. I deepened the colors and changed the coat to reflect the character’s attire in the stories.



This is all I have of this picture. The work files were on a hard drive that bit the dust and I didn’t have them backed up yet. I’ve recovered some of the pictures that were on that hard drive, but I think I’m just out of luck for the rest. I really need to look into automatic backup software. Maybe, someday, after I get tired of losing files.

So, I started from scratch with the original picture and used some the new tricks I learned. I changed the background to a space field and added an image of the reliquary and relic. The reliquary is not in the story. I added it to the cover because the relic would look out of place without it considering the picture I started with. I’ll have to plan better for the next one. Here are some of the different parts I used to create the cover.

Here’s the final result:


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