This writing thing kind of goes in waves. Either my schedule is completely clear of projects or I am so busy that I want to crawl under my bed and cry. Since last week, it’s been the later. Fortunately and unfortunately it’s going to be this way through the month of August.

Besides my day job, I have a volunteer handbook for a nonprofit, prepping and writing a grant proposal, maintaining and updating 4 websites, writing and designing invitations for an event, two newsletters and redesigning business cards on my plate (there might be a few things I’m forgetting). I also have several short stories to complete and submit, and a novel to finish editing so that it can be ready for publication in October.

It doesn’t look like a huge amount, but there are interviews and communicating with Executive Directors and Boards and prep work that goes along with that. And I ocassionally I have to fit in friends and family and my dogs into that schedule. (Friends and family tend to frown on being neglected for long periods of time.)

My hope is that all of this hard work now will payoff in the long run. I have plans to attend the Catholic Writers Guild Conference in Chicago next year. The crazy thing is that to go to conferences it takes money. To get money, you have to work. So, for the next year, I’ll be working my tale off so that I can have the funds to go.

As a side perk, I’m positive that I’ll develope new skills to make all of the extra work go faster. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

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