Queen of Hearts Goes To World Con

I have been avidly following the creative satire by Declan Finn over at his blog, apiusman.blogspot.com, regarding the Sad Puppies and the Hugo awards. Of course, he writes from the Sad Puppies POV with the SJWs/Puppy Kickers as the bad guys.

After an entertaining conversation with some other fans of sci-fi romance about how heads would explode if romance ever made it to the ballot, I decided to have some fun and write my own Sad Puppies satire. I tried to keep the characters inline with his, but with my own twisted take on things.

Declan was gracious enough to post it to his blog with the rest of his satire. He also cleaned up and reformed my draft at SWATing. Sioux City actually has a SWAT team. Who knew? Poor guys must be bored out of their minds.

Anyways…check out the story here.

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