The Puppy War Is Over

I’ve been reading Science Fiction since I got my grubby little hands on a copy of Logan’s Run. I have no idea who wrote it and don’t recall the plot. (It was almost 30 years ago that I read it, give me a break.) For the most part, I have never much cared who the author is or what genre the book is in. If it looks interesting I read it. If it doesn’t I pass.

I’ve never read books based on whether they’ve won an award or not. Although, there are some awards that are a signal to avoid the book, because it’s going to be crap. The Hugo’s have been hit and miss for me. Some I have liked and others I haven’t. I don’t go out of my way to read each year’s winners because of that reason.

Sooooo as one who doesn’t give a flip about awards, but likes a good argument, the Puppy Wars have been facinating to watch. DISCLAIMER: I don’t have a puppy in this fight. I am just a bystander who reads and occassionally writes Sci-fi. (No, it will never be up for a Hugo. It’s the wrong kind of Sci-fi.)

Three years ago, when I first read about the Sad Puppies and the Hugo awards, I was like, “Oh joy, more political BS. I think I’ll check it out.” Then, it got a little bit bigger last year to where both sides started slinging crap at each other. And finally this year the real war began. I still thought it was just more sabre rattling, until innocents started being attacked and then it just pissed me off.

When you start killing the innocents (aka nominees), it means you’ve already lost and are just being dicks. This war is over. Regardless of how the voting goes, the Puppies have won. They have stuck to fighting the soldiers. They have worked within the rules to make changes. They are acting like normal rational human being, if not always like adults.

There are some on the Puppy Kickers’ side, for lack of a better name, who have been rational normal human beings and deserve credit for not resorting to dickish behavior. Unfortunately, they are a very small minority. These are the people that I can sympathize with. They had certain expectations of what would be nominated for Hugo Awards and were disappointed when that didn’t happen. I know that it’s hard to accept change, especially unexpected change, but these few have acted like the professionals they are.

The majority of the Puppy Kickers though have proven they care nothing for the integrity of the Hugo Awards. If they did, they would not be threatening to kill the Awards or attacking the nominees. “If we can’t have them, noone can,” comes to mind. That is a sign of sick abusive minds. Psychos act like that, not normal rational human beings.

The Hugo Award is just an award. *ducks* Yes, yes, I know. It’s the most prestigious Sci-fi award out there. But, realistically it’s just an award. May the best author win (or not). Either way, it’s no reason to be a dick. Have some self respect and act like adults, because readers are watching.

Now, please carry on. Just because the war has been won doesn’t mean you have to quit fighting. *Grabs another bowl of popcorn*

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