The Marriage Bed: Confession, Part 3

“It is a beautiful day, don’t you think?” Father Gregg said as I approached, a smile lighting up his youthful face. He was sitting on the grass neatly packing his few possessions in his bag. He looked up at me and frowned. “Is there something wrong?” He asked.

“I dare say, I won’t stop if I get started.” I said. I stood over him, a hand on my hip. “Do you have time to hear my confession, Father?”

His eyes grew large. “You made your confession only two days ago. You couldn’t possibly be in need of it again so soon.”

I sat on the grass next to him. “Father. I was in need of confession less than hour after the last. That girl will be the death of me. I have lost my patience, taken God’s name in vain and threatened murder. And that was just in the last few minutes. I will surely end up in Hell before she is wed.”

“You, my dear, need to put your trust in God. Only He can change her heart. You just need to stop being so hard on yourself and let God take over.”

“That is decidedly easier said than done.” I retorted. What did he know anyway. He was barely out of diapers.

“So, will you hear my confession or not? We will be leaving again shortly and I would like to be right with God in case my horse decides to throw me. Again.” Maybe I should just ride in the carriage with Hanna. No. Riding that blasted horse would be a far smaller risk to my life than riding in the carriage.

“Very well.” Father said. I hurried through recounting every offense as the horn sounded signaling that we would be once again on our way. He absolved me of my sins before picking up his bag and heading for his horse.

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