The Marriage Bed: All Out of Patience, Part 2

A cup flew passed my head as I entered the tent set up outside of the convents walls. More objects of a random nature came at me, missing me by inches. Hanna, clothed in her habit, screamed unintelligibly as she ransacked the tent. Henry, who was charged with watching over her highness, was pelted with items. His eyes pleaded with me to make it stop. I refrained from smirking at the behemoth. How a man his size could be afraid of a girl barely the weight of a sack of flour was beyond my comprehension.
I waved my hand and released him from his duties. He rushed out of the tent, a fork sticking out from edge of his tunic. I should have stopped him to retrieve it, but I had more pressing matters on my mind, like not having all of my possessions destroyed.
Hanna looked up at me. “You cannot do this to me!” She flung a book across the tent. It hit the far wall and dropped to the floor. “I won’t be sold off like some prized pig.” Another book flew across the tent.
“It is your father’s wish that you be wed.” I said calmly, although I wanted to slap the girl silly.
“I hate him! And I hate you!” The venom in her green eyes were fixed on me. She picked up a pan and threw it straight at me. I had to move to avoid it. I closed my eyes and took several deep breaths. If I hadn’t I might have strangled her.
“Hanna, it is for the best. Your marriage will bring peace to both Kingdoms.” I continued.
“I don’t care!” Another object came my way, hitting me in the arm.
“That is enough.” I grabbed her by the arm and forced her into a chair. “Now listen to me and listen well. If it wasn’t for the bargain your father struck with Klaus, your precious convent would be destroyed and everyone in it dead. You are going to stop acting like a spoiled brat or I will have you bound and gagged and you will make the journey to your new home slung over the back of a horse.” The words came out dangerously low.
“You can’t do that! Father will have your head.” Her voice quavered.  
“Your father has given me free reign to do as I please. You are to get to Gaudete Castle, it matters not how you get there.” It wasn’t entirely true, but I wasn’t about to give her any room to fight me. “You will behave yourself and act like the lady you are. Do I make myself clear?”
She glared at me, but eventually nodded in compliance. “Now get this stuff cleaned up. I will not have you throwing my things about like a wild ape.” 

I let her go and turned to leave. “And take that habit off. You’re no longer a nun.”

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