The Marriage Bed: And So It Begins, Part 1

Your Highness,

It has taken me a month, but I have secured Princess Hannalore’s release from her vows. We set out on the morrow for Gaudete castle. At best we will make it there in two months time. I have sent a missive to His Highness Klaus so they may expect our arrival.

I must tell you that Hanna is not at all happy about these course of events. I will do my best to prepare her for her nuptials, however, it may take more than two months for her to adjust to life outside the convent. She is being closely guarded as we speak as she has already tried to escape in the night. I don’t wish to question your wisdom, Your Highness, but I wonder if marrying off Hanna was the wisest course of action. She is most determined to be a handful and protests every chance she can get. Father Raphael, was concerned that a exorcism would be necessary the way Hanna carried on. I assured him that it was simply her father’s child. That appeared to satisfy him.

You would be as shocked as I was on first seeing her out of her habit. The resemblance to our dear late Hannalore is remarkable. However, she looks to be healthy and strong. Her figure suggests that she will be able to bear Prince Nicklaus many children. This is assuming of course that she will let him near her.

Although Hanna has refused to change out of her habit, I have acquired suitable clothing for travel and for her arrival. I have sent her measurements on to a seamstress at Gaudete Castle in order that a wedding gown may be created in time for our arrival. When we are closer to our destination, I will certainly have to burn every stitch of clothing she has in order to get her into proper attire to meet the Prince. God grant me patience for she is a stubborn child.

I will keep you informed of our progress.

Your humble servant,

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