Not Feeling It Today

On Saturday, the first installment of “The Marriage Bed” will come out. As I sit here trying to work on the second installment I’m just not feeling very enthused. The basic jist of the post is written, but I need to go back in and fill it out a bit. Imagine a runway show where all the models are skeletons. No matter the quality of the clothes, they just don’t look right.

I also have a bunch of other things on my plate today, including research for an article, two websites to update, a newsletter to write, and I won’t be home tonight until after 7 pm. Add on top of that a splitting headache and the desire to stay in bed all day and I’m just not feeling it.

As a professional writer, skipping work because I’m “just not feeling it” isn’t an option. If I don’t write, I don’t get paid. So, I am going to down some pain killers, drink my caffeine and get busy.

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