Taking A New Direction

I’ve decided to change things up a bit. Beginning this week I will blog  “The Marriage Bed” one scene at a time until it’s finished. This will be a first draft, so there may be rough patches, but I hope you enjoy the story.

The Marriage Bed

At a time when kings and queens still ruled and political power was won by force, there were two small monarchies carved out of history. Trying to save their countries from annihilation during the wars between Catholics and Protestants, the two Kings conspired to join their two houses.

Prince Nicklaus Dietrich is the royal heir to the throne of Trier-Inkeln and was to be wed to the eldest daughter of King Hans Stolz until she becomes ill and dies days before the wedding. The Kings only other daughter is a cloistered nun who is preparing for her final vows. I have been charged with retrieving Princess Hannalore/Sister Agnes from the convent and preparing her to be wed to Prince Nicklaus. God help me.

Nicklaus Dietrich I – King of Trier-Inkeln
Nicklaus Dietrich II – Heir and only child of Nicklaus and Augusta Dietrich

Hans Stolz – King of Rhinefeld
Anne Stolz – Eldest daughter of Hans and Hannalore Stolz
Fitz Stolz – Heir and eldest son of Hans and Hannalore Stolz
Hannalore Stolz – Youngest child of Hans and Hannalore Stolz, cloistered nun (Sister Agnes)
Gustav Stolz – only child of Hans and Adora Stolz

Albrecht Faust- Royal guard
Adelaide O’Duinn – handmade of the late Hannalore Stolz and servant to the Rhinefeld Court.

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