Drugs and Writing Don’t Mix

Nothing against the famous alcoholic or druggy writers, but mind altering concoctions make for some really bad ideas.

I know this from experience.

Okay, so I’ve never taken illegal drugs and I rarely drink anything stronger than Diet Dr. Pepper, but I do have to seasonally take allergy meds to avoid more serious illnesses.

Although, they are not supposed to make me loopy or tired, they do for the first few days. I get odd “are you high?” looks from people. And of course, no one really believes me when I tell them that it’s just allergy meds.

One side effect is that my ability to come up with ideas for articles, blog posts, cereal boxes, etc is magnified by a million. Unfortunately, they are all really bad ideas. And I’m not talking about boring, old, outdated ideas, these are off the wall, “what the heck were you thinking? kind of bad ideas.

Some of my better ideas (or not):

5 awesome plug strips to replace the one your dog just peed on

Why Cockroaches are so gross and how to coexist with them
because you can never get rid of them anyway

The 5 best vehicles for running your ex over with

3 reasons for not making the bed in the morning

and my favorite
6 ways to make a cardboard box a home

Thankfully, when I’m on the meds, I’m entirely too tired to care enough to send out any queries, so I haven’t gotten black listed by editors because of it. Although, as I think about it, some of those ideas are pretty awesome…

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