Workflowy…I think I Love You

I used to use Remember the Milk to keep track of my to-do’s, but it was a royal pain when I was using my laptop. So I checked out a few others, but all of them had the same problem. All of them except Work Flowy.

Work Flowy is basically the computer version of a pen and paper to-do list. It is simple and basic without a lot of clutter. It’s really really easy to use too.

All that you have to do is type in your list. Each item has a bullet-point. Each bullet-point lets you open the item on your list to add additional notes or items below that item. I have categories on my homepage broken down by the type of writing or if it’s big its a category of it’s own. Below each category I have subcategories and below that to-do items and below those details if I need them.

Notes can be added to each of the items. This feature is handy for interviews. Under each article I have a list of people who I will be interviewing with a note attached about them and then my list of questions. The answers can be added as a note to each of the questions listed.

Unlike a paper to-do list, the items can be moved around easily. This is one of my favorite features, because I don’t have to be super organized before starting my list. I can just start writing, then rearrange as I need to and add in items later as I think of them.

I wish I had this when I first started Pendragon Academy’s 100 Best Free Online Learning Links. It would have saved me an immense amount of time trying to organize it all.

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