10 Things I Learned From Publishing for the Kindle

After several difficulties (complete understatement) Pendragon Academy’s 100 Best Free Online Learning Links is now published and on the Amazon website. Whoo Hoo!

I have learned A LOT from this experience:

  1. NEVER AGAIN! (Or at least not until the mental scarring fades)
  2. When creating a book with pictures – do the text first, then add the pictures. It is so much easier to proof the text before the pictures are added than afterwards.
  3. When doing a cover, test the program you’re using BEFORE creating your cover. Glitches and inadequacies of the program can be caught early and avoids having to completely redo the cover a dozen times to get one that works.
  4.  Use Kindle Previewer prior to publishing the book. Mistakes in formatting can be fixed before readers catch them. It’s easy enough to make changes after the book is already published, but it leaves a bad impression on readers and can result in poor reviews.
  5. When using Microsoft Word Starter 2010, make sure the auto-correct features are turned OFF. Having to proof the entire manuscript after every little change is no fun at all. Better yet, use a different program.
  6. Wait to announce a publication date until after the book is finished, proofed, uploaded, previewed and ready to go live. This avoids false starts because of problems.
  7. Don’t wait until the book is out to let everyone know about it. Start marketing months in advance.
  8. Find a handful of reviewers to beta test the book prior to publication. Besides writing reviews to use in book promotion, they may catch missed errors that can be corrected prior to publication.
  9. Leave plenty of time to format the book. This isn’t something that can be done in a couple hours. It can take days to get it publication ready.
  10. This was fun! I can’t wait to do it again.

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