Already Getting a ROI

Well my query blitz is already showing a return. I just got the first of hopefully many more assignments today. I’m so excited.  Sometimes it feels like I’m running into a brick wall. I keep sending the queries out and they either keep coming back or I get no response at all.

Then, just when you’re ready to scrap the whole writing thing as just another bad idea, hope springs free when you get that single yes. You know then that all of your hard work has been worth it.

Honestly, if I didn’t love the thrill of pursuit I’d hang it up writing for magazines and trades. It is so much more work than copywriting, especially for someone like me who is organizationally challenged. But, seeing my name in print and knowing that I did that is the best feeling in the world. Okay, so know one has any clue who the name is behind the article, but that’s okay. When I copywrite, no one ever knows that I wrote the website or blog, but I know it and that is all that matters to me.

Now I better get busy, I have more queries to work on before I call it a night.

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