That’s a Bust

Well my Query Blitz is a bust. I got distracted with client work and messing with my website so I didn’t get time to really get into brainstorming article ideas over the weekend.

I am making up for it though. Yesterday I put together a list of ideas that haven’t made it yet and dug out my old idea lists.

Today I printed off theme lists for several magazines I’d like to write for and put together a to-do list of what I want to accomplish. I have to have my to-do list, it keeps me organized.

Tonight I will spend a few hours matching up ideas with publications, then begin the process of writing the queries to go with them.

After I have a draft query, I’ll do the research to flesh it out. I get more accomplished if I edit a bad draft rather than waiting until I have all of the research done and the idea formalized before writing the query. Doing it all at once is just too overwhelming.

By tomorrow I will have several workable queries to submit.

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