Query Blitz

Tomorrow begins my Query Blitz where I spend all weekend brainstorming article ideas and pouring through writers guidelines to come up with a huge stack of queries to send out.

I find I am more productive when I submerge myself in one step of the writing process rather than going from beginning to end with each idea.

My previous idea lists get drug out and I try to recycle or reslant an old idea into a new one. And I also go through old queries that didn’t land me an assignment and add them to my stack for when I begin the research phase of my Blitz.

When my brain becomes mush from working so hard, I will switch to formatting Pendragon Academy’s 100 Best Online Learning Links for Parents, Teachers & Students. Formatting is very much mind numbing work. It is slow and tedious work, but doesn’t require much thought.

After that, I will begin the process of sorting through the ideas and trying to match them up with potential magazines or online sites. For me the hardest part is figuring out how to slant the idea for a particular publication.

Finally, I work up a rough outline or draft for each of the matched ideas. I pick out a few to research, write and submit, but most of them will be saved for later use, when thinking of ideas is just not going to happen.

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