I’m Gonna Cry

I didn’t complete Nanowrimo, but I wrote over 15,000 words. Since then I’ve added a few thousand more words. My first draft was getting close to being completed. Yay!

Then, sometime between Thursday of last week and Sunday I lost the thumbdrive that had all of my writing on it. Much of what was on the thumbdrive was backed up on my laptop. The only thing not backed up was the novel and all of my pics and notes that went with it.

I have lost every last word that I wrote from Nanowrimo on. I can’t believe it’s all gone.

The simpliest thing to do would be to just start all over again. It is my story after all and I have the outline and first three chapters done. It wouldn’t be difficult to rewrite. It’s possible that the new version will be better than the last.

But, I don’t want to have to start all over again. I don’t want to have to spend hours upon hours redoing something I already did once.

I could also just give up and move on to something else. That is so tempting, except that this story just needs writing and won’t leave me alone.

My third option is to search high and low for my thumbdrive and hope that I find it, while writing scenes later in the story after I left off. This is probably the option I’m going with.

This way, I can postpone rewriting what I’ve already written in the hopes that the thumbdrive will appear, all while continuing to move the story forward.

For now, I’m just going to wallow in my loss…and go through everything and make a backup.

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