New Year, New Road Map

It’s half way through January and I am starting to think about writing goals. Content writing has been going well. The positive feedback that I am getting from clients has been an amazing boost to my confidence. Maybe I’m not a complete failure with sucky writing after all. (Won’t make guarantees, though.) This new found confidence has gotten me out of my rut and I have two magazine submissions sent off. It feels really good to have accomplished this much. Now I just need to sit down and make a plan. This time I will make it reasonable and not overwhelm myself with unreasonable expectations. (Well, maybe.)

I think my first goal will be to layout a business plan. I need to determine my map for success before I can be successful. I have always wrote a little of everything, which is a bit overwhelming. Once I have that map, I can move on to other concrete goals for bringing in clients and building my writing business.

What writing goals have you made this year?

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