Free Time

Last week was the Catholic Writers Conference Online and I was too busy to spend much time at it.  I am going to do the lazy thing and buy the conference book which has all the info from the conference.  Then after my pesky day job which interferes with all of the things I want to do goes away on Thursday (unfortunately so do the paycheck) I will have plenty of time while searching for a job to find out what I missed.

Once unemployed, I will have more time than I can stand to write.  This may mean I will actually accomplish something.  Which is a good thing because I have two books that I am looking forward to writing.  The first is The Mystery of the Missing Mary which is a children’s mystery centering around the disappearance of a church statue.  The second book doesn’t have a title yet, but it is an action/adventure about a tactical team of nuns who assist the Vatican in retrieving a stolen artifact.  It’s still in the baby stages of development.

Mary’s Choice is now complete and submitted.  Mark, the newest angel in heaven, sets out to accomplish his mission of helping an unborn child avoid being sent back to God by his mother.  This story is a gentle introduction to abortion.

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