Back In Action

Last year was total chaos and I for the most part dropped out of writing. But I’m back and giving it another go.

My resolutions for this year include finishing A Touch of Magick. It will be done this year! Otherwise it’s getting scrapped and I’m moving on.

I also resolve to making writing a priority and not just something I do when I have time. It comes first and everything else (except my job – I still have to pay bills) will be fit in around my writing.

That’s enough resolutions to tackle for now.

I did have a few accomplishments this last year even though I spent maybe a 1/2 dozen days writing. I finished the first round of rewrites & edits for A Touch of Magick. Some of the holes have been patched in the plot & the plot is crisper & cleaner.

I rewrote An Angel Gets His Wings & have that ready for editing.

I have lists upon lists of article ideas that I can now use to query magazines.

This is going to my year. Nothing is going to stand in my way of accomplishing my goals.

But it will have to wait until tomorrow. I’m going to bed. Goodnight.

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