The GENERAL DISCLAIMER is an interesting idea to get past all those excuses and hang ups for writing.  Although this comes from Bill Roorbach’s book, Writing Life Stories, it would work for any type of writing.  Use a card (a business card or index card would work).  Write General Disclaimer across the top, then use the space to write all the reasons you “can’t” write, or why your writing isn’t up to par.  Then when you feel those excuses coming up, pull out that card, read through it, then get on with your writing.


I’m sorry I can’t write today because my computer has issues, I’m too busy, or I’m just not in the mood.  What I do have written lacks detail.  It also has poor grammar, poor punctuation and has plot problems.  I’m sorry that it doesn’t make sense or is too long or too short.

Now your turn.  What would you include in your GENERAL DISCLAIMER?

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