In Love…

Scott Michael Fosterwith a character.   There are many great new characters in books, in movies & on tv that make you fall in love with them.  A couple of my favorites are Bella in the Twilight series and Prince Mikhail in Christine Feehan’s Dark series.  My newest love is Cappie from ABC Family’s Greek.  He’s so complicated, fun and memorable.  It’s the kind of character that any writer would die to have.  (Of course an actor as talented as Scott Michael Foster playing the character doesn’t hurt either in making the character memorable.)

In my WIP “A Touch of Magic”, Christopher is a Cappie like character.  He’s fun, smart and always in trouble, but when it comes to the heroine, Ashlyn, he’s a knight in shining armor that any teenage girl could love.  Christopher will be a character that will be in a girls heart long after the last page.

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