Wow…So Negative

Apparently I need an attitude adjustment.  I just looked at my posts for the year and they are so negative.  That is no way to motivate anyone to writing.  So I resolve to make each post as a means of helping to motivate and inspire others to write.

Here are my “tricks” for getting excited about writing.

  • Read a good book (especially romance).
  • Watch Harry Potter & the Sorcerers Stone for the umpteenth time or any other really good movie with a plot.
  • Critique someone elses writing.

Now your turn.  What are you’re tricks for getting excited about writing?


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    By dropping writing projects that are for an outer reward and focus on the ones I do for my own inner rewards, I am joyfilled and excited. I thank writing coach P. June Diehl for teaching me this.

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    I find I am invigorated after attending my writer's group. Not only when we discuss something that I write, but when we crit other writers in the group. Realizing what talent there is here makes me want to do better in my writing.

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    Sometimes changing my routine helps or changing where I'm doing my writing. Other times, I have to resort to chocolate. And Harry Potter…well, that's a given. 🙂

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    I teach creative writing to a group of European boys with AIDS. I stress the disconnect between writing and publishing. We have six boys in my advanced class who are writing books. I try to be as negative as I can because the fall from grace and idealism (even with HIV) is hard.

    1.) I don't CARE what you write. They're not going to want you and they're not going to want your book. Forget about playing that game. You are not a player. Wanting to write and writing are two very different things.

    2.) Publishing is downright vicious. Agents are evil. Editors are evil. Publishers are evil. These people know nothing about writing anyway or they'd be writers. Don't believe the rhetoric or contrived press they get. They have publicists. You don't .

    3.) Use writing as a tool of self-expression where what you're attempting to understand is yourself. This is a huge thing. Bigger and more important than being published.

    4.) Writing and publishing are fundamentally about CLASS. Most people need a real job to survive. The people who write are the people who have the time to write.

    5.) Go into it with your eyes open. Writers by their very nature are jealous. Particularly of success.

    6.) It's about telling a story. Amazon, numbers of hits, sales figures that are almost always lies, and anything that comes out of an editor's moth is not reality. Reality is what you make of it.

    7.) Writing is work. The only way to do it is to do it. Now, go write.

    Pollyanna would not like my class. But it is very grounded and very real. It is not a fantasy about a glittering career and either is the real work of writing.

    Tim Barrus, Amsterdam

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