Feeling Guilty

I didn’t write at all this weekend and now I’m feeling the guilt. I have an article to write for Highlights that I’ve been procrastinating on. I’m a horrible procrastinator and if I don’t have a set date to sub something it will get pushed indefinitely. My mini goal is to get the article done by Friday. No more procrastinating.

I also went looking for my huge to-do list that I misplaced…again. I have resorted to keeping everything writing related in a zippered bag that I can take with me. It really helps with the misplacing stuff. I wish that I would have started using that bag a long time ago. Like before I lost my to-do list again.

And bad thing number 3 today. I got another rejection. The bright side of this is I had forgotten about this sub so not much sting to this. I’m going to take the idea and try another mag.

On the happy side of things, I found a cute story that I wrote years ago lurking in a notebook. I’m going to take it out, dust it off, polish it and submit it.

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