I had this great idea earlier today. I know it had to do with my YA work in progress. I know that it was a great idea. What I don’t know is what the heck the idea was in the first place. It is really annoying when ideas vanish like that. If I would have stopped to write it down I wouldn’t be iritated with myself.

Tip #1: Take the time to write down your idea because you will forget it by the time you have free time to work on it.

Tip #2: Don’t wait to write it down “because it’s such a great idea that I’ll never forget”

Tip #3 Never write notes on your palm. They will wash off. Write on your arm or leg or someplace not washed frequently throughout the day. Or better yet write on paper. Then put the paper someplace safe where it won’t get lost. Just don’t forget where that place is.

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    Here is a tip that might help. I had the same problem, until I started carrying a smaller spiral bound notebook and pen in my purse. Now it's always handy when I want to scribble down something important. I hope this helps… Crystal R. Martin

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