More Goal Setting Help

Here’s a list of goal setting guidelines I found in Writing for Magazines: A Beginners Guide by Cheryl Sloan Wray.

1. start small – She says to set small goals and not to even try for the big mags if you haven’t been writing for mags for atleast a year. I disagree. If you have an idea that would work in the big mags, then pitch it. You have nothing to loose.
2. challenge youself – don’t make your goals too easy.
3. set goals that fit your personality – if you like your sleep in the morning, then don’t set a goal to write in the early morning.
4. Be concrete and specific – 250 words per day or write one hour a day are concrete and specific. Concrete and specific are easier to check off your list than broad and general.
5. Share your goals with a few writer friends. – She recommends only telling a few close writer friends about your goals. I say go with what works for you. I have a teenager that pesters me occasionally about my YA book that I’m writing. It gives me the added incentive that someone wants to read it.
6. Check your progress – Keep a check list so you can see what you’ve accomplished.
7. Stick to it. – DON’T GIVE UP!

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